Silent Voice Inside

by The Moon Mistress

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FDJ Deliciously heavy doom that also nods towards occult rock with it's "chanted" vocal delivery. It's not all crushing riffs though as there are touches of psych in these grooves as well. Excellent! Favorite track: Samsara.
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CD released 29 March 2012 by Pestis Insaniae Records (
Tape released 24 November 2012 by Nomos Dei Productions
Vinyl released 11 January 2013 by Demonized Records

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released March 29, 2012

Tracks 1-9 written, mixed & mastered by the band, recorded at RedGates Chamber in April 2011 (except vinyl version - mastered by Devo at Endarker studio)
Tracks 10-11, mixed & mastered by the band, recorded at RedGates Chamber in July 2012
Track 10 written by the band, track 11 Grazhdanskaya Oborona cover



all rights reserved


The Moon Mistress Russian Federation

The band was born in 2009 as The Moon Mistress.

Was reborn in 2014 as Dekonstruktor.

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Track Name: Cremation Meditation
Skulls grin and laugh with me
Old Bones beat the time
Dressed in sacred ashes
Funeral black holy grime

Dancing on the corpses
Ritual of the sacred joy
Join with Mahashakti
Goddess that create and destroy

Cremation of



Drugged by the Darkness
And Drinking red orgiastic wine
Holy meditation
Swarmed with putrid flies

Tantric contemplation
Innerliberation from doom
Cremation of affection
Weaknesses, repugnance and gloom
Track Name: The Wicker Man
I see the Devil's eyes
They turn me to black ice
So strange, I feel no pain
Though fire lick my veins

I am the Wickerman
The sacred gift to Pan
Martyr in the name of Christ
Oh God, forgive their vice
Track Name: Cease to Exist
See her standing in the middle of temple
The house of hex, their house of love
Naked priestess's lying on the blood altar
Initiation rites have just begun

Under the drug she is falling to Abbys
In ecstatic state she is drinking the blood
They all are evil, they work for the Devil
Her time has come to enter the cult

She's a new one witch, I don't know what to do
I don't know what to say, can't believe it is true
Now she worships the devil, she's evil and cruel
She's a new one witch, I don't know what to do

Intoxicated mind's falling to pieces
Disintegrated, in unearthly bliss
Witches disrobed in a circle are dancing
"Proceed to Darkness, cease to exist"

See Her standing in the middle of temple
The house of hex, their house of love
In a magic circle, before the blood altar
Priest will unite with her, concluding the Rite

And now I know she's a Satan's worshipper
And there is no turning back
Has pledged her soul to Lucifer
To join this cult of death

She's standing naked in the Fire
Full of Devil's love and might
And now Grand Master of desire
Takes the life of Satan's Bride
Track Name: Invocation to Hecate
O, Hecate, hear my humble plea
Triple form of Darkness, dismal magnificence
Blackcrowned demoness of the Dead
Dark is the Moon's true color as is Hecate's

Goddess of the Black Art, I worship you,
Bless me on this the blackest night
Horrifying Dark Mother, Mistress of the hidden Moon
With the power of your sorcerous might
Track Name: Samsara
Open the gates of neglected tomb
Birth of new aeon in Devil's womb
Hooded priests with the lizard's eyes
Praying Goddess of destructive light

Shaky kingdoms of affections fall
Burn the insects, burn'em, burn'em all
Hellish rats eating them alive
Sordid slaves with the shallow lifes

Shed our blood — ceremonial Death
Out of mind and exctasy yells
Fire pyramids eclipse the sky
Snakes tear priests, our Pentagram sign

Sacred kapala with cold demon's blood
Visions of absolute, worms devour light
Necromantic mass, ancient wisdom rise
Hail samsara's end, the end of the death
Track Name: Silent Voice Inside
I’m falling to your
Charming embrace
Divine Mother
Touch me with

Your flaming breathe and
Guards of knowledge
Turn to dust
I hear the voice inside

Keys to my fears lie
In my hands and
Now It’s clear that
I can slay

These dirty ones with
With my love Sword
Sculls are singing
Hymn of joy

Silent voice inside
Mahadevi gives me love
Sacred Ecstasy
Black Transformation rise me above

Black pages of endless light
Turning over in the void
As all colors disappear in black
So all forms disappear in Her
Track Name: The Moon Mistress
Into forgotten caves we perform ancient ritual
Calling our Mistress to come and rule over us
Hot virgin’s blood flows on the stone altar
Lost sons of the Black Moon worship Heresy Mass

By moonlight
We are chosen
To pray Her
Our Moon Mistress

Smoking torches shines the sacrifice
Chopped off heads whisper song of Call
I kiss her black breast and then vice
And drink the milk of Downfall

She is here
Our Moon Mistress
All are assembled
The time has come
Track Name: Perfect Prototype [cassette bonus track]
Seven hangmen
Bloody chiming in
As it’s not my
Fault that i am sick

Eye of scanner
Watching murk inside
I’ am scared to
Be alone and blind

Now they’re standing
Cut my painful eyes
Lovely children playing
Smiles and dirty palms

Please, please don’t
Take my mind away
As i’m orphan
Creature full of pain
Track Name: Entropy [cassette bonus track]
Распалённая апатия
Грозовая демократия
Роковое освинение
Наповал приговорённых

Энтропия растёт

Изощрённые мутации
Широта дебилизации
Диктатура вырождения
Поздравляю с наступающим

Энтропия растёт

Да пожнётся то, что сеется
В стылом воздухе шевелится
Красный смех оцепенения
Добровольных заключённых

Энтропия растёт

Скоро звёзды башкою оземь
Будем жрать себя изнутри
Скоро звёзды башкою оземь
Будем жрать себя изнутри

Энтропия растёт