released April 1, 2010

Recorded March 2010 at Red Gates, Moscow, Russia
Self-released 2010, tape version by Golden Procession, 2013


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The Moon Mistress Russian Federation

The band was born in 2009 as The Moon Mistress.

Was reborn in 2014 as Dekonstruktor.

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Track Name: VVitches
Witches settled in forest
Wild beasts play with bloody bones
God dethroned
Goat on the throne

Come in to the Coven, free your soul
Start the Sabbath, King of Ghouls
Praise the Fall
And Goat on throne
Track Name: The Wicker Man
I see the Devil's eyes
They turn me to black ice
So strange, I feel no pain
Though fire lick my veins

I am the Wickerman
The sacred gift to Pan
Martyr in the name of Christ
Oh God, forgive their vice
Track Name: The Moon Mistress
Into forgotten caves we perform ancient ritual
Calling our Mistress to come and rule over us
Hot virgin’s blood flows on the stone altar
Lost sons of the Black Moon worship Heresy Mass

By moonlight
We are chosen
To pray Her
Our Moon Mistress

Smoking torches shines the sacrifice
Chopped off heads whisper song of Call
I kiss her black breast and then vice
And drink the milk of Downfall

She is here
Our Moon Mistress
All are assembled
The time has come

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